Whether you’re planning to spend the winter cozily bundled up in your haven of a home or need something for your living environment to heat up. Space heaters are worth considering. They provide convenience and utility all year long. Yet, one should be careful not to misuse these devices as they can turn your living room into an inferno if misused. To help gauge the risk posed by these appliances, let’s take a look at what they are and how they work.

So, Can Space Heaters Cause Fire?

Space heaters provide warmth by using electricity to produce infrared radiation that warms objects close by without heating them from the outside or inside out. They are beneficial when the weather is cold and when the central heating system in your home fails to do its job. But, despite all their advantages, these devices can turn into a fire hazard if misused.

Like any other electric appliance, space heaters can overheat and cause fires if they aren’t used properly. It’s essential to keep them at least three feet away from furniture, flammable materials. Any combustible liquids so you avoid accident-causing situations. Never pick up an appliance by its power cord and never use it outside the house.

They might not be the leading cause of fires, but they can certainly contribute to them if you’re not careful. According to the National Fire Protection Association. Space heaters were responsible for nearly 25 percent of home fires that started in heating equipment between 2009 and 2013. All these incidents happened because people failed to exercise caution when using their appliances.

As we’ve seen, if you use your space heater properly and take every precaution to avoid fires, it should be suitable for at least a couple of years. The type you choose will also have an impact on how long it will last. As such, you must pick the right appliance for your needs and decide whether it’s time to buy another one when the current model is already showing signs of wear and tear. Here are some tips on how to determine the lifespan of your space heater:

Whether you’re looking for something promotional or need something to keep your home warm this winter. Space heaters are worth considering. It’s best to go with something durable and easy to use, and by keeping these tips in mind. You should be able to pick a reliable model that will last you a long time, even if you have a busy life.

Do Space Heaters Dry Out the Air?

Space heaters are handy when the weather begins to get colder. They provide warmth in small areas and are easy to use. While they can turn into a fire hazard if misused, they don’t pose any threat to your health. That’s because these appliances don’t produce harmful chemicals in the air as air conditioning systems do. And that’s what makes them so great for heating your home.

Perhaps the only thing you need to pay attention to is that space heaters don’t dry out the air around them. Which means that if you’re sensitive to dry air, you might want to keep a humidifier running while using these appliances. The only negative thing about space heaters is that they need electricity to work. Meaning you can’t use them when there’s a power outage. Other than that, they are safe to use and will keep your home warm this winter.

A Few Tips on Proper Space Heater Use

Space heaters are great for areas like attics, garages, workrooms, and basements; yet, you should not use them in places like bathrooms or kitchens. They can damage walls or cause fires in these rooms because of their extreme temperatures. Additionally, if you intend on buying a new space heater. Make sure it has an automatic shut-off feature in case it overheats. This feature will turn off the device if it overheats and will prevent fires from happening.

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This article has reviewed the benefits of a good space heater. A well-placed space heater can help you cut heating costs. By twenty percent while making your house warmer and more comfortable. The major drawback of a landscape heater is that they are expensive for what they do, and installation can be a little challenging.

As always, we hope this review helped you choose the right landscape heating solution for your unique needs.