A space heater is a device used to heat air and make the cold weather bearable, in rooms with poor ventilation, or in spaces where central heating is unavailable. There are a few important factors you must consider when buying a heater.


This guide provides some advice on the best space heaters and how they stack up against each other in terms of durability, effective use of energy, safety features, and more. We’ve outlined our recommendations for the best space heaters based on these criteria: affordability, efficiency, longevity of use, safety, warranty, protection, wattage and more.


Price is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a space heater. The reason for this is because a better heater will cost more money. Buying a cheaper space heater could result in wasting your energy and time, which can be very costly. Every time you turn it on, you may damage your electric meter while wasting money on electricity.

One good thing about buying a cheap space heater is that you won’t have to worry about getting an electric shock as the cheaper ones are less likely to have electrical protection features like circuit breakers or fuses.


Consider how effectively the space heater will assist you in keeping warm. One way to measure this is by the number of watts in its use. Wattage and temperature are directly related, so the more watts a space heater uses, the more heat it will produce.

You can’t beat a ceramic heater when it comes to efficiency as they’re typically very energy efficient. Unfortunately, these also tend to be quite expensive compared to other space heaters, so if you’re on a budget, this may not be for you. On the other hand, if you have extra cash and want an efficient product that will save on energy costs over time.

Longevity of Use:

Another factor to consider is the longevity of use. Some space heaters have a reputation for breaking down after a few months, while others can last for years without any problems.

The most common complaint with space heaters, in general, is that they may overheat and catch fire. To avoid this, keep your heater at least three feet away from anything flammable and out of the reach of children and pets, especially when you’re not home. You should also avoid leaving your heater on all night as heat build-up can cause it to malfunction or, worse – catch fire.


Last but not least, safety is also an important factor to consider when buying a space heater. Be sure to buy a product with a UL-rated electrical cord and other safety features like overheat protection.


Last but not least, be sure that the product you’re buying comes with a warranty that can be easily followed through the manufacturer’s website. This will help you get your money back if there’s ever an issue in the future. You should also read all of the terms and conditions that come with the warranty so you can understand what is and isn’t covered under warranty, as some may have limited coverage and restrictions.


To help ensure you’re buying a safe product, ensure that the space heater you’re buying has a UL rating. This is especially important for electronic devices, like space heaters and other appliances. Other things to look for include an automatic shut-off feature in case of overheating.


Be wary of space heaters with high wattage as they may not be very efficient and can lead to large bills. For example, a 1500-watt heater may not be as effective as one with only 1000 watts. A good rule of thumb is to buy the lowest wattage possible so long as it can keep you warm enough.

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Remember that a good space heater can be a great investment. This is true, especially if you live in an area where the winters are very cold. It can also be used in an apartment without central heat and want to add some warmth to your living space. There are many good space heaters available, and the best option for you will depend on your needs, so keep this buying guide handy when you’re out, shopping for a space heater.


Q. How do I maintain my space heater?

A. The best way to keep your space heater in good condition is to dust and vacuum it along with the electrical cords. You should also unplug the device and wipe down its exterior every six months or so. To clean the internal parts, unplug it first, open up any access panels and use a brush and vacuum to clean out any dust that’s built up inside.

Q. How much does a space heater cost?

A: Space heaters can range from $20 for small ones that plug into a wall socket up to over $1,000 for large ceramic units. Generally speaking, the more power a space heater has, the more you’ll pay for it.

Q. What is the best space heater?

A: There’s no specific answer as each type of space heater has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in something purely for aesthetic purposes, an electric fireplace may be a good choice. While a small fan heater will do the job in terms of keeping your home warm without taking up much space. A ceramic heater is also an excellent choice for those who live in very cold areas or have portable heating needs.