Space heaters are great for warming up your home during the winter months. But they can also be harmful to you and your family if not appropriately placed. If people in the room don’t move around while close to the heater, they will feel an increase in temperature, which is not always a good thing. To avoid this, here are some tips on where to place a space heater in a room:

Tips for Placing a Space Heater:

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Some people believe that space heaters, in general, can be dangerous, especially if placed incorrectly. Their theory is that the people in the room will not move around and risk overheating if they are too close to a space heater. This is why it is important to place a space heater in just the right spot for heating your home but not over-heating you or your family members.


What is a space heater?

Space heaters are often referred to as electric heaters or even portable heaters. They are small electric heating devices that use electricity to heat a room. The most common type of space heater has two power cables coming out of the back, one for the switch and the other for the base. These come in many styles and colors but usually consist of an on/off switch, a fan, and a heating element that will warm up your room. These can be installed on the top of the dressers or underneath beds or couches as an alternative method for warming up your home.

Where should a space heater be placed in my room?

Space heaters are designed to heat your home, but if placed too close to a person, they can become very hot, which could cause burns. To avoid this, keep your space heater at least three feet away from anything flammable like furniture. It is also important not to set the temperature too high as people can get burned if they are too close to a space heater.